January 23, 2016

7:30 a.m.

McElhattan, PA






The 2017 is history!  Our thanks to the MANY dedicated volunteers that made this race happen.

Results may be found at parunners.com.


One of great things about the Frozen Snot is that persons can sign up for long course (both loops totaling 13.5 miles or so), or to head to the finish line having done the first loop only (an insanely hard 8.5 miles).  The bad thing about this that if you registered for the long course but only did the short course you needed to tell the checkpoint or the parunnners.com personnel at the finish.


95 competitors completed the long course, not 138 as shown on the results.  There are 43 persons shown on the 13.5 list that should not be there.  So, IF your names appears on the 13.5 mile results but you  did the 8.5 mile option, PLEASE EMAIL jeff@parunners.com.  The results will then be corrected.









January 27, 2018